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Our Dictionary

 Defined below are some terms and acronyms that we use in the drone industry which you may not be familiar with. Take a peek to get a better understanding of what we are talking about.

 - AGL

AGL or Above Ground Level is a measurement of altitude above the surface of the earth.

Example: 400 feet AGL

 - DSM

DSM or Digital Surface Model, is a surface analysis. It depicts all features, terrain, man-made and natural objects included.

Provided in: GeoTIFF file format. ( .tif )

 - DTM

DTM or Digital Terrain Model, is a terrain analysis. It removes all objects and just displays the terrain model of the earth.

Provided In: GeoTIFF ( .tif )

 - GSD

GSD or Ground Sampling Distance, is the distance between pixel centers measured on the ground.

Example: 1 inch / px gsd = 1 inch on the ground per 1 pixel on your screen.

 - MSL

MSL or Mean Sea Level, is a measurement of altitude above the average level of the ocean world wide

Example: 2500 feet MSL

 - Ortho

 An Ortho or Orthomosaic, is a photogrammetrically orthorectified image mosaicked from photos. Which means that each image is altered to precisely and accurately represent features on the earth and then all those images are stitched together to create one large georeferenced image.

Provided In: GeoTIFF ( .tif )

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